Edelstahl Couchtisch mit Zwei Überlagerten Bögen von Willy Rizzo, 1970...

2 250.00 EUR

This stainless steel coffee table with two superposed arches features a central square structure with a two-colored hide shelf and a smoked glass top. It was designed by Willy Rizzo in the 1970s. Willy Rizzo (1928-2013) started his career in Paris where he photographed stars and starlets for Ciné Mondial, Point de Vue and Image du Monde. He even covered the Trial of Nuremberg and other reports, notably in Tunisia on the Mareth Line. In 1947, the Black Star Agency sent him to the United States to photograph machines but he preferred fashion and decided to start a new life in Los Angeles. Max Corre, with whom he had with collaborated at France Dimanche, called him to announce that Jean Prouvost was creating a magazine in Paris, which lead to him returning and meeting Hervé Mille. In 1959 he became the artistic director of Marie Claire and collaborated with large fashion magazines such as Vogue. In 1968, he married Elsa Martinelli and lived in Rome where Willy began designing objects for his personal needs. According to him, Scandinavian furniture was neither comfortable nor simple. With this in mind he created his workshop but at the end of the 1970s but with the rise of terrorism Willy sold his business and went back to Paris where he continued to draw and photograph until 2013.

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