Modell Hall Sessel von Roberto Menghi für Arflex, 1958, 2er Set

9 999.99 EUR

Pair of early edition model Hall lounge chairs, featuring the early press cast aluminum leg and armrest construction. The Hall chair was designed in 1958 by architect Roberto Menghi for Arflex, Italy and was short listed for the Gold Medal, ´compasso d´oro´, best new design prize at the 1959 Triennale in Milan. This design featured prominently on the cover page of both the prestigious Italian design journals ´Domus´ and ´Rivista Dell Arredamento´ in 1959. Menghi´s ´Hall´ chair was a revolutionary design for this period. These original edition chairs were extremely lightweight for their size in that they incorporated new construction techniques often associated with the aircraft industry such as the complex and super lightweight combined leg and armrest structure, which were press cast in a single piece of lightweight aluminum alloy. The components of the independent seat and backrest were made from lightweight stamped flat sheet steel components welded together to form a rigid yet light structure, which were inserted into the aluminum supporting structure. A later reedition replaced the high tech lightweight press cast aluminum leg structure of the early chairs with machined wood. Gio Ponti selected Menghi´s high tech Hall chairs for the foyer of his then recently completed Pirelli tower, which opened in 1958. Menghi and Ponti remained good friends for the rest of their careers. These chairs have undergone a full restoration. The upholstery has been completely renovated. These chairs were stripped right back to the bare aluminum and steel frames and painted in a satin black RAL9005 to match the original specification and have been fitted with new, original specification latex foam, new Pirelli rubber support webbing, and then finished with high quality De Ploeg fabric.

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